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Welcome! My name is Sydney Martinez. I wear many hats but a few are mother, wife, business owner, USMC veteran, and artist. I separated myself from the corporate world in October of 2020, picked up a camera and never looked back. My photography started as simply portrait, but as I continued to shoot week after week, month after month, my style changed drastically. 

While taking photos I started to uncover all these layers of myself that I had suppressed over the years. A lot of unresolved trauma, many opinions that I had been too afraid to voice, and several shadows that I had not brought light to. In those moments I realized that photography had become the voice I never felt I had.

My photography is the art that is pieces of me. They are elements of my psyche. The photos are pieces of my soul. My style is very much darker and dramatic. It is mystical and unresolved. It is open ended and broken. That is me. That is who I am. Although many of the adjectives I just used seem unfortunate, they are incredibly beautiful and timeless. I am capturing what many of us are feeling. I take a vow to never ever feel sorry for being my true and authentic self ever again. Let's be unapologetically us, that is the Call to the Wild mentality. 

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